In the wake of Pentecost, a spirit of giving swept through the church to such an extent that it was reported that "No man thought that which he possessed was his own." Barnabas personified the sacrificial giving by selling his personal property and giving the receipts to the church, in order to meet the needs of other Christians. None of these Christians felt that what they had was their own, and so they were able to give & share, eliminating poverty among them. They would not let a brother or sister suffer when others had plenty. How do you feel about your possessions? We should adopt the attitude that everything we have comes from God, and we are only sharing what is already His.

As a result of the unity brought on by the Holy Spirit working in and through the believers’ lives, the early Church was able to share possessions and property. The spiritual unity and generosity of these believers began to attract others. When was the last time your generosity prompted someone to be unified or drawn towards a specific goal or Godly cause? Differences of opinion are inevitable among human personalities and can actually be helpful, if handled well. But spiritual unity is essential. Without spiritual unity, the church could not survive. Therefore, we must be unified as one body towards one goal. We shall strengthen our hands for this good work. As the children of Israel shouted in the presence of Nehemiah..."Let us rise up & build to the glory of God”


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