The Birthing of a Ministry

The Beginning 1958 - 1970

During a conference at “New Jerusalem Baptist Church”, located on Douglas Street, God moved on the heart of Rev. Henry Winifred Wright with the vision to start a new church. His vision was to build the Kingdom of God and equipping the saints by becoming a “teaching” church. 

October 3, 1958.  Rev. Wright called a meeting with his Deacons, Willie Hill, Johnnie F. Hill Sr., Johnnie McClain, John Cherry Sr., Deacon Sherman, and his first lady Dorothea Wright, and decided the church service would be held at the Teen Center (now the Martin Luther King Center formerly located on the S.W. corner of Sheridan Street). 

October 5, 1958 - The first service was held with 36 members which was mostly children.

October 22, 1958 - Mother Earlie Mae Brown named the church.  This newly formed body of believers became known as the “New Hope Institutional Missionary Baptist Church”.

 Rev. O. W. Foster - the East Coast moderator and Rev. Tanner, President of Minister and Deacon Union conducted services and installed the officers:

Senior Pastor - Henry W. Wright Sr.
Associate Pastor - Winifred Wright
Church Clerk - Deacon Willie Hill Sr.
Assisting Clerk - Ruth Langston
Financial Secretary - Yvonne Wright
Treasurer - Lula Mae Hill
President of Choir Number #1 - Mother Earlie Mae Brown
President Usher Board - Mary Hill
Youth Coordinator - Mildred Stone
The first Mothers were Mother Minnie Mathis, Mother Julia McFarland, and Mother Pairlee Mc Ghee. 

What started as a vision with a small Congregation grew enormously. Within two years the membership had grown tremendously and the church was able to purchase and put a building on the land where we are located presently.  The church extended to the middle of Sheridan Street with the door facing to the South side of Sheridan Street. Because of community expansion and widening of the street, the front door was relocated to the east side of the church

1970 - 1984

In 1970 Rev. Wright’s health began to fail and the Reverend O.C. Allen accepted the Pastoral Mantle.   Under Reverend Allen’s leadership the church continued to grow, and ten (10) new Deacons were added to the ministry. 

June 27, 1983

Reverend O.C. Allen incorporated with the State of Florida, the name New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Hollywood.

1984 - 1986

The church was without a Pastor.  The existing leadership continued to carry the vision that was cast by the previous Pastors and leaders.

1987 - 1998

Rev. D. L. Hickman accepted the Pastoral Mantel and Reverend A.J. Williams served as Assisting Pastor.  The membership continued to grow and the New Hope family experienced many accomplishments under their leadership.   The church mortgage was paid off in 1987 and the church began to purchase more land which included the parking lot on the corner.


The church was without a Pastor. During this challenging time Rev. James Williams became the Assisting Pastor and continued to expand the “New Hope Vision”.

1999 - The Present

Elder Connail Johnson accepted the Pastoral Mantel and brought along with him a God-sent First Lady  Elder Patricia Johnson.  The church continues to participate in increasing the Kingdom of God under his leadership.  Because of the vision that is being cast by Elder C. Johnson, there are now over 30 ministries designed to meet the total need of God’s people as well as evangelistic venues to reach the lost and unchurched.  October 2008, Elder Johnson cast New Hope’s 50 Year Jubilee vision, “Release and Expansion.”


Out of his deep passion to continually expand the Kingdom of God by reaching the lost and the unchurched, Pastor Johnson gave birth to Solid Rock Ministries, located in Miami, Florida. 


Elder C. Johnson has provided various vehicles designed to help provide practical ways to help meet the physical needs and prosper God’s people through the formulation of numerous for-profit and not-for profit corporations.  The Corporation’s ministry purpose/activity includes but is not limited to:

Hope Human Resource Development (HHRD)-a not-for profit Corporation
Richard Brown Food for Life
Mission HOPE  (HIV Outreach)
Step Beyond Learning Center (Youth after-school outreach)
Dawn Lopez “Operation Restore” Foreclosure Prevention Program
First Time Home Buyers Education Program
J.A. Millionaires Club (Junior Achievements)

Hope Enterprises – a for-profit Corporation
Hopeful Sounds Studio
HOPE Enterprises Bookstore
New Hope Communications, A Division of Global Linx Corporation 

Pastor Connail Johnson has given birth to over forty (40) sons and daughters in the Ministry. He has appointed fifty (50) Deacons and Deaconess.